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Manufacturer of Reaction Vessel / High Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Distillation Column / Absorption Towers, Storage Vessels, Autoclave
Salt Storage Vessel, Agitators, Air Receivers, Dying Autoclave, Spray Dryer, Screw Conveyor, Textile Machinery Parts, Fabricated Pressure Vessels
Reaction Vessel / High Pressure Vessel
  Achievements / Milestones
The company has never rested on laurels and always surpassed the standards it has set for itself, quenching its quest and making enormous scope for improvement and research.We have won trust of customers by providing very efficient and excellent machines, which is our biggest achievement.
We have fabricated pressure vessels under third party inspection for, M/S. Ingersoll-Rand (India) Ltd. Third party inspection like M/S.EIL, M/S. H. & G., M/S. Backs Council, M/S. Udhe  etc.
We have fabricated Spray Tower about 56Tonnes along with the structure about 400Tonnes for M/S. Nirma Limited at Mandali site.
We have fabricated the Chimney about 100Tonnes for M/S. Nirma Ltd. for their LAB Project.
Maxi. Diameter of vessel we can fabricate is 5 meter. Regarding thickness of vessel we can handle Vessel having 40 m.m. thk. Regarding total  weight  we don’t have problem to handle single vessel weing 20 Tonns.
We have supplied complete plant to M/S. Balaji Foremlin Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad. for manufacturing formalhydie. Capacity – 60 Tonns per day.
We have exported “Form Urea Column” & “Wash Tower” to M/s. Mansoura For Resins & Chemcials Indst at Egypt for their formaldyhide plant under third party inspection of M/s. DNV.
We have fabricated high speed agitator running at 2920 rpm for 1.8KL capacity vessel for M/s. Meghmani Industries Ltd.
We have fabricated reaction vessels having capacity of 1 Lac KL.
Manufacturer of Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger, Heat Exchanger, Eveporators
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